Breeder’s Digest: Funny tales from the delivery suite

Breeder's Digest parenting podcast hosts, Jane Yee and Bec Whitley, share funny stories from the delivery suite

Hosted by mums Jane Yee and Bec Whitley, Breeder’s Digest is a casual chat with your mates about all the rubbish bits of parenting and all the really good bits as well.

Here’s an early Valentine’s gift from us to you, dear listener. Spoiler alert, it’s a podcast.

This week we’re on the energy drinks because #mumlife, so take a sip of taurine and dive into pod where we discuss…

– Here comes the tickle monster: Is Russell Brand right when he says we shouldn’t tickle kids?

– “You should’ve seen my brother-in-law’s face”: Hilarious labour tales

– Are you gonna die Mum?: Talking to kids about death 

– Top 5: Best things about being pregnant

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