Breeder’s Digest: Fighting, dreaded activities, post baby body

Breeder's Digest Podcast - Parenting podcast with Jane Yee and Bec Whitley

– Fighting in front of kids: Forever damaging or an opportunity to model positive conflict resolution?

– Craft-free Zone: Games and activities we dread doing with our kids

– I love you I hate you: Learning to deal with our post baby bodies

– Top 5: Reasons why going to the beach with kids SUCKS

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Overcoming my fear of exercise

Jane Yee does dead lift exercise at The Active Lifestyle

Hello, my name is Jane Yee and I have a fear of exercise. No, really. Recently I was approached by The Active Lifestyle, a fitness studio in Mt Eden Auckland, to see if I’d be interested in giving their workouts a go. As I read the message I could feel my stomach starting to turn. […]

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Ask Me Anything: When’s Baby Number Four Happening?

A few weeks back, on my Instagram stories, I invited you guys to ask me anything. I dutifully wrote down all your questions and then set about answering them here, in blog form. Old school. While my lazy butt procrastinated in getting this post published, Instagram introduced their nifty questions feature. I’m choosing to ignore […]

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My favourite Twin-Life products

I distinctly remember the moment we found out we were having twins. Hardly surprising really, I mean it’s not something you forget. The ultrasound tech must’ve only had the wand on my stomach for two seconds before she whipped it away and said “just at a glance, you’re having twins,” casual AF. No big deal […]

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“I’m too puffed”

“I’m too puffed” When Victor uttered these words as we hurried towards his classroom in the pouring rain I knew trouble was brewing. He was lying – he wasn’t puffed. He was using that as an excuse to stop, even though the bell had rung and we were running late for the second day in […]

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Daydreams of the housebound and crazy

Cuddle fatigue. That’s what my therapist calls the feeling I get at the end of the day when I don’t want any person to get within three feet of me. When she first said it I was like holy crap, I didn’t know there was a term that could so accurately describe wanting to flick […]

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Lessons from the dojo

Yesterday the biggest of my little mates had a karate lesson. It was only his third lesson, and he’s a shy kinda guy with these things – likes to hang back and watch, needs lots of encouragement from me to get involved (even though you can tell just by looking at him that he’s fanging […]

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