Breeder’s Digest: Mothers on the brink

Breeder's digest parenting podcast hosts Bec Whitley and Jane Yee looking glum

– A harrowing tale of a child and husband abandoned in a supermarket carpark

– The cute/weird nicknames we give our little humans while they’re still in utero

– Bec’s attempt to shove an entire* easter egg into her gob

– The secret behind the mystery siren George keeps activating on Bec’s phone

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Breeder’s Digest: Are The Wiggles low-key racist?

Breeder's Digest parenting podcast - The Wiggles - Pappadum

– Is burning essential oils in schools really essential?

– Are The Wiggles low-key racist, and which Wiggle reigns supreme?

– In fear of ball pits: will our kids catch their death or are we Paranoid Paulas?

– Plus we reveal some deep dark secrets that we definitely didn’t intend to reveal live-on-pod

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